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We have been working for more than 10 years in the construction of self-service car washes, and have helped more than 150 customers to develop their business.

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DE-WASH customer reviews



I met Dmitry Tsybulev in 2017.
Found it on an ad on YouTube.
I invited him to my city, Baburka district - I started building a self-service car wash for 3 boxes. He told me completely how to build properly, focusing on a number of factors - special thanks to him for that.
But… I bought the equipment from another company, later I regretted it, took it as a beautiful picture and did not attach importance to a number of factors, thinking that the equipment is all the same. By the way, after the purchase and payment for the equipment, the company "disappeared".
For a long time I tried to put it in order, started, broke, suffered for a long time adjusting it. Then I turned to a professional Diana Onion, and he came to me, appreciated the horror of my equipment and offered the services of his company De-wash. Given that I had already spent a considerable amount, I decided to still try to happen with a little blood. I ordered controllers and a number of other components from Dmitry, and finally launched a self-service car wash. I have been working for about 3 years now, I take chemistry from him.
In such a business you need to trust professionals.
I am very pleased with the approach and attitude of De-wash and Tsibulev Dmitry.

I have long wanted to start a self-service car wash business, and here I found Dmitry Tsybulev and his channel on YouTube. I immediately called with a question how to organize this business.
At that time I already had a sink, only with washers, I decided to attach 2 boxes of self-service car wash to it. He came to me to discuss the project. I really liked his approach: he immediately pointed out that I had a taxi next to the car wash. And gave the idea that specifically in my conditions, the sink should not be in standard sizes, but high, so that any van could be washed, as well as wide, long boxes.
His professionalism was obvious, and we launched the construction of a turnkey self-service car wash from his company De-wash.
Approached especially to this issue, as I saw great potential in this business and did not want to stop at one car wash. The task was to see the profit and savings that were claimed. I did not do a VIP self-service car wash, but stopped at the middle option. Dmitry did not impose, entered the position.
2 months later I had a beautiful, bright self-service car wash with a unique solution: the ability to wash cars contactlessly. I was surprised! In 3 months after start I received clients on the average on 75 cars a day and it on 2 posts of a sink of self-service, in the conditions of competition with a usual car wash - such forecasts Dmitry gave.
I am very pleased with the result and continue to invest in this business. And already in 2020 Dmitry Tsybulov and his company are building 4 more self-service car washes for me in Dnipro.
I recommend doing this business, but only with professionals.

DE-WASH customer reviews


DE-WASH customer reviews


Kherson Region

I applied to De-wash in 2015, talked to Dmitry Tsybulev personally - he helped me and told me what to focus on in this business, organized the construction of a sink for 6 posts, installed equipment from his company. At that time there was a choice between De-wash and a few more - but given the experience of Dmitry Tsibulev, and that he is the owner of self-service sinks, I chose him. Very satisfied. I recommend.
Self-service car wash in Tsyurupynsk showed a good result, I am very satisfied with both the equipment and the car wash. In 2019, we began construction of another self-service car wash in our city - choosing a site on the way out of the city - a car wash complex with 5 self-service posts and again with the company De-wash and Dmitry Tsybulev.
So very happy - I recommend!

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